SinShip Spirits Co.

Rum: The Spirit Of America

SinShip Spirits is a boutique, family owned spirits company distilling in San Diego County, CA. Our mission is to think ‘out of the box’ and we are dedicated to producing creative and exciting spirits. We’ve searched for the best Caribbean rum we could find, distilled it multiple times to achieve a very smooth and clean spirit, blended it with a special variety of other rums, and created something unique using our own ingredients. Honoring California’s lawless, yet high spirited era of Speakeasies, Flapper Girls, Jazz and the Fox Trot, SinShip Spirits Company intends to tap into the excitement of the Prohibition era by producing innovative, small batch spirits. The SinShip Spirits Co. pays homage to the legacy of moonshine in California. During Prohibition, mobsters placed floating party ships in international waters off the coast of California, which became known as Sin Ships. These highly popular ships offered gambling, booze, music, dancing and prostitution just outside of local law enforcement jurisdiction.

The mob offered free water taxi service to the party boats and thousands of frolickers descended on the ships daily to quench their boozy thirst and let loose. These Sin Ships disappeared after Prohibition was rescinded, however, the hull of the Monte Carlo can still be viewed beneath the sand on Coronado Island during winter storms. The location of the Monte Carlo’s final resting place is now known as Shipwreck Beach.

California has a rich history of underground rum running tunnels, corrupt police and prosecutors allowing mobsters immunity, but the most exciting, lurid, debaucherous history lies within the hulls of the California Sin Ships. Come with us on a journey to rediscover the rum and spirits of California’s past. 

San Diego's Finest Rum

Rediscover the rum and spirits of California’s past

The SinShip Spirits Co. pays homage to the legacy of moonshine in California.