Zombie Canned Cocktail

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SinShip Zombie Cocktail

The Zombie cocktail was created by Donn Beach at his Donn the Beachcomber Tiki Bar in Hollywood CA in 1934. The Zombie cocktail became the 1st cocktail following Prohibition to become a global sensation. It also single-handedly kick-started the tiki craze.

Our ready-to-drink SinShip Zombie canned cocktail is an elevated cocktail experience. It is 19.5% ABV. Nearly half the can is aged rum. This is a legit cocktail in a can. Donn the Beach limited patrons at his Donn the Beachcomber Tiki Bar to two Zombie cocktails. Our Zombie canned cocktail is the equivalent to about three to four cocktails per can. Simply, open the can, pour over ice and be transported to your favorite cocktail or tiki bar.

Our SinShip Zombie Cocktail is a high level cocktail experience and it is convenient. Take it to your next party, the beach, poolside, or enjoy it anyway you like.